Speaker shower stay 300 mah

Synchronize your mobile with the Ale-Hop stay 300 mAh shower speaker and listen to your favorite music in the shower, you can even take calls! One pass, so who is not going to sing under the shower?
  • If you want to buy large quantities, check availability at: shoponline@alehop.org
  • Delivery 2 to 3 working days

This stay 300 mAh wireless shower speaker with a range of up to 10m will be your favorite for singing in the shower, because you can synchronize it with your mobile and listen to the music or radio you prefer.

And, in addition, it also serves as a speakerphone to take calls, what more could you ask for?

Design: compact and super comfortable. It is round with a suction cup at the bottom to be able to put it on and take it off as many times as you want and on the different smooth surfaces that you want. So you can take it with you wherever you want! And once synchronized, the following times it will connect automatically whenever the wireless connection of your mobile is connected.

Color: beige with floral print and the phrase 'stay chill' on the side.

Measurements: 90x95x40mm.

Microphone: yes, built-in and has a button that makes it easy to make hands-free calls.

Buttons: Works to control the call, play or pause music, and switch songs, etc.

  • On/off: to turn the speaker on and off.
  • >> or next: Short press to skip to the next song. Long press to increase the volume.
  • << or Previous: Short press to skip to the previous song. Long press to decrease volume.
  • Telephone: to pick up or hang up calls. After receiving a call, quickly press it to redial that call.
  • ll o pause: to pause or continue playing the music.

Synchronization: you can connect the speaker to your mobile very easily. Press and hold the On/Off button for 6 seconds until the red and blue light flash constantly. Activate the wireless connection function on your mobile and activate the Ale-Hop device. That's it, play the music of your choice! Once synchronized, the next times it will connect automatically as long as the wireless connection of your mobile is connected. (device includes instructions)

Electronic features:

  • Ratio: 10m.
  • Battery: 1 lithium battery. 3.7V, 300mAh. Recharge it using the included USB cable. The red light indicates that it is charging. Once ready, this light will turn off.
  • Charging time: 50 minutes.
  • Operating time: approximately 1.5h.
  • Power: 3V.
  • Wireless version: V5.0.
  • Voltage: 5V.
  • Frequency: 80Hz-18Khz.

Functionality: With this waterproof speaker you can sing your lungs out in the shower.

Get hold of it and let the music begin!