Black wireless speaker / alarm clock

The black wireless speaker/alarm clock wakes you up, charges your mobile, tells the time, plays music, hands-free for calls, clock, radio... what more could you ask for? The perfect 7-in-1 gift
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This black 7-in-1 wireless speaker/alarm clock makes the perfect gift. We love its versatility and it also fits anywhere thanks to its size and beautiful design.

Design: square and compact, elegant in appearance. With digital front screen that you will love. Perfect for your nightstand, living room, kitchen...

Colour: black.

Measurements: 13.5x12.5x7.5cm.

Electronic features:

  • Power: 4W.
  • Battery capacity: 850-1000mAh.
  • Ports: USB Type C


  • Configuration of custom alarms.
  • Wireless mobile charging.
  • Radio.
  • Alarm clock.
  • wireless charging.
  • Clock.
  • Call notice.
  • USB and Wireless music player.

Synchronization: you can connect the speaker to your mobile very easily.

  1. Turn on the speaker, hold the M key and it will automatically enter wireless mode.
  2. Activate the Wireless of your mobile and look for the Ale-Hop device and accept the pairing.

Ready! Now you can listen to the music on your mobile and even receive calls through the speaker, to answer hands-free.

Includes: instructions for use on how to set alarms, set the time, disable alarms, charging, tips, etc.