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Sport as a Lifestyle

At Ale-Hop, we believe that sports are the best way to take care not only of your physical health but also your mental health. While getting back to our routines can be challenging, starting going to the gym again can be a personal challenge that will help you get motivated and feel good about yourself.

Exercising is a way of releasing the stress that builds up in our bodies on the most hectic days. That's why we want to help you give it your best.

In this section, you will find a large selection of sports items that are perfect for those who want to get back to their routines in style. We'll help you do it in a way that's easier and more fun.

Do you prefer exercising at home or at the gym? Whatever your preference, here you'll find a whole range of sports equipment you can use to do various types of workouts. It will offer more comfort in your usual exercises but with more weight. This way, you will see results much faster.

Accessories for yoga, pilates, functional training... Choose the ones that best suit your routine or sport of choice!

The best accessories for training

Drinking water during your routines is very important. With our bottles, you will be able to get that break you need between exercises to take a breather and hydrate.  Besides, our bottles are super cool! They all have special designs and/or motivational phrases.

Enjoy your relaxing moment

After training, it's time to relax your muscles. With this massage and relaxation section, you can enjoy moments of muscle relief after playing sports or after a long, busy day with our massagers.

Choose your ideal massager according to your needs: neck, scalp, face... We have it all!

Wellness and beauty for hands

Facials are a great choice for those who want to complete their skin-care routine with items like gua-sha massage. This year we have new items... Come check them out!

But this section doesn't end here. You can also find a selection of bathroom and personal hygiene amenities that will support your beauty and personal hygiene routine. And now, we also have make-up!