Posits with lid today

It's great to always carry a little notebook behind you, but if you also carry post-its and sticky notes, that's the best! Like this today post-it notepad, you won't be able to live without it!
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You already know that we are super fans of carrying the right notebook for every occasion. And we couldn't like this post-it notepad with cover today, as it is the perfect 2-in-1 for lovers of stationery items in general, and post-it notes in particular. Do you need to write something down? Do you have to mark a page in your book? Do you want to put a reminder note to someone? You can do everything, everything, thanks to this comfortable and essential post-it note pad with cover.

Design: beige with drawing of branches with leaves. Central text ' make today count ' and on the back ' go on! '. Hardcover notebook that on the left side has small sticky notes with icons, and large notes with the phrase ' don't forget to '. On the right side glued blank sheets and on the top the text 'make it happen '.

Size: 8.5x1.5x10.5cm.

Format: small size, almost A7.

Hard cover.

Binding: glued on the top of the sheets. Set: don't miss the weekly planner, and the planner with post-its. Choose the one you like best.