Game memory circles

Start exercising your memory now with the game memory circles. You will have fun while doing mental exercise, which will increase your memorization abilities. What are you waiting for?
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The memory circles game is one of the best exercises to exercise your brain and mind. In addition, it also helps to manage stress while you have an entertaining time trying to remember the order in which the lights have been turned on. Was it first the green or the red? Test your mind! Oh, and it's the perfect trick to keep the little ones entertained while they learn.

Design: small black square with 4 colored circles in each corner that will light up randomly.

Measurements: 76 x 76 x 27 cm.

Weight: 55 grams.

Includes: 3 batteries.

Battery voltage: 1.5V


  • It helps in your concentration.
  • Group game, with which you will spend a very entertaining time. It has sound and lights, which makes it more fun.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Exercise your memory.

How to use: you just have to turn it on and be very attentive to the order in which the lights of each color come on, and then replicate the same order by pressing the colors. If you hit, the level goes up, if you fail, you start over.

You can also play in a group, taking turns and adding points every time one of the groups gets the order right. It will be very fun. You have to try it!